We encourage people to become full members of Soham Comrades Club Table Tennis Club.  Like this, fees and paperwork are kept to a minimum which makes the club much easier to run for the team of volunteers that complete these tasks. You also get a host of benefits for this.

Full membership of Soham Comrades Table Tennis Club means that you do not have to pay for table tennis practice at the club (usually £3 per person per club evening, Wednesdays and Thursdays, when up to three tables are available) virtually throughout the year. Twice a week is best for beginners to improve.

The table tennis club will arrange for you to become a member (or guest of a member) of the Soham Comrades Social Club, membership of which gives privileges and facilities including Free WiFi, a (subsided) Bar, usually a guest Real Ale or two, a lounge bar, T.V. for major sporting events etc, outside picnic table, off-road parking right next to the Club for all pre-authorised users of the club, and generally snooker, pool and darts.  Also, local league eligibility in those and other indoor games.  Strictly no smoking indoors!  No unacceptable behaviour on the premises is allowed.

Details for 2018-19 season. The Soham Comrades Table Tennis Club Membership Fee is a basic fee of £40 for 12 months, but apply for details on arrival.    The fee depends upon the options you choose, for example whether you choose to play in any leagues.  If you register to play in the local winter league, the  Ely & District TTL fees to be paid are, annually, a player fee of £3 (£1 for juniors) for membership of the League and a team fee  of £40 shared between 4 players (or as the team otherwise decides).  Before playing in a league match it is necessary to pay, also, an annual fee to Table Tennis England (£16), which provides insurance and other practical support as well as a gateway to play competitive table tennis farther afield.

The annual membership to Soham Comrades Social Club (for the current year £14 for adults, £7 for O.A.P.s) is paid as an add-on through the table tennis club unless already paid direct to the social club.

Cambridge & District League.   An additional player registration and team fee are payable for playing in the Cambridge & District League.

Inclusion in both the Ely & District and the Cambridge & District League teams is optional. If you wish to play league matches you are required to pay your league fees before your first match. Only paid-up members can validly play a competitive table tennis match.  THIS ALSO APPLIES TO YOUR ANNUAL FEE TO TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND, see above.  The League Match Secretary exercises NO discretion.

Members please see also the Recent News section below.